15 January 2010


I hope this picture size is a bit better. If not, you're welcome to let me know but there's not much I can do about it :-p As I say, I will post them on Facebook when I get home so you can see all the yummy detail.
- - -
The local laundrette (although I do my own washing)

Women on bicycles in Sauraha village

Ali bringing me a chair for my poorly knee

The next Kate Moss (I took about 30 pics of this girl - so cute!)

Sundur Kali revving up to give me a soaking!

This is the face you make when an elephant has just sprayed freezing cold water at you - attractive isn't it?

Massage time for Sundur Kali - this is quite possibly the happiest you will ever see me :-)

Riding my heffalump home

A baby sleeping in a sling type hammock outside a house

A Kingfisher (centre) at 20,000 Lakes

Spooky trees at 20,000 Lakes

Sleeping on the job ...

Using (okay, totally hogging) Dal's laptop back at the guesthouse to update my Blog

My fingers and toes are like ice and simply uploading this many pics has taken just over an hour and a half!!! I have had a couple of shots of rum to keep most of the cold at bay but that has actually resulted in a nice sleepy feeling. Sorry, ha ha. Off to bed (it's 9:30pm here) - will Blog about today's "festival" and post more pics tomorrow! x

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  1. Gorgeous pictures - and some of them open up to full size too!! You look so happy and alive, I'm thrilled for you. xx