26 March 2010


Hello Everyone! Oh my goodness - all I can say is I'm sooooo sorry that I neglected this Blog ... please forgive me? My last few days in Sauraha - and then Kathmandu - were very hectic and I didn't have time to get to an internet cafe, and then when I came home, I jumped straight back into family life (after 2 days of trying to get home in the first place and a nightmare journey which - unexpectedly - involved 4 airports).

And unfortunately I haven't got time to update this properly today as I will have to devote a few hours to typing up my diary first BUT I can now post links to my Nepal pics on Facebook so please - for now - enjoy these! :-)

Sunsets & Silhouettes of Nepal

My Beautiful Heffalump - Sundar Kali

Out & About in Nepal (1) - Kathmandu (host family) to Sauraha

Out & About in Nepal (2) - Sauraha & Chitwan National Park Area

My Whirlwind 24 Hours in the City of Kathmandu (with Brandon)